buy Life Size BB-8 LED Floor Lamp

Life Size BB-8 LED Floor Lamp

If you would like to have BB-8 from Star Wars then you know that you can’t have the real droid from the movie but we found something almost as good as the real thing.

This Star Wars floor lamp looks like BB-8 and is the same size of the droid. The LED lamp is 28 1/2 in tall and 20 in diameter and just looks as amazing as the real thing.

And just tap BB-8 on the head to turn the light on and because BB-8 likes to serve you they gave him 3 different light modes so that you can set he mood you like.

Something like this is hard to find and will be real collectible so if you want something special for your Star Wars collection then you just need this.

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buy R2-D2 Sting Light

R2-D2 Sting Light

A string light is a great way to bring lights to a room and now there is this string of Star Wars droids that love to be part of you life.

This sting light has 10 R2-D2 lights and it would look great in a Christmas tree or just around your room.

The R2-D2 string light 138 inch in length with 10 lights that are place 12 inch apart so that they can hang neatly around making it feel you are in droids heaven.

String lights like this never get boring and that is why you probably want them somewhere year round and then move them to the tree with Christmas.

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buy R2-D2 Desk Lamp

R2-D2 Desk Lamp

R2-D2 will provide the light for you when you need it. Such a handy droid, always there just when things seem to be over-run by the dark side!

This executive accent lamp is the perfect gift for the über Star War’s geek. Tweek your office desk and find the lighter-side of spreadsheets, invoices or the occasional game of Battlefront when you add this welcome accessory to your work space, equipped with a five foot long cord and switch, it can support up to a 25 watt incandescent, or 13 watt CFL bulb, with standard base.

Unique cylindrical shape adds a touch of class, as it is minimalistic and alludes to a tubular candle appearance. Whether it’s the dark side of deadlines, Darth Vader-like bosses, or Jabba Fett (kidding) co-workers, this desk lamp will make light of it all!

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buy Death Star Mood Lamp

Death Star Mood Lamp

The most powerful weapon in the Star Wars galaxy the Death Star. Now you can get your hands on the dark side with a mood light of the Death Star.

This is a lamp that features a very detailed Star Wars Death Star complete with the superlaser. When on you can have a red Death Star with a green superlaser or a white Death Star with a green superlaser.

Included with the Death Star light you will get the USB power cable and instruction.

It will run of batteries or USB making it perfect for the desk top, shelf or wherever your dark are. Perfect for the Star Wars fan ready to destroy the galaxy.

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buy Han Solo In Carbonite Wall Light

Han Solo In Carbonite Wall Light

Bring to life right on your own wall a prize possession of the edgy Star Wars character of Han Solo with a great sculpted light.

This is a wall light that is of the Star Wars character of Han Solo when he was frozen in the carbonite mould. It is made to look just like in the movie and diplayed like Jabba the Hutt with a tinge of red light.

Measuring: 18 inches tall x 10 1/2 inches wide x 2 inches deep without stand with the stand on it is 4 inches deep.

On the front bottom find 3 red LED lights that shine up on Han Solo. Also you can display on your desk or shelf or easily hang on wall using the hanger slot.

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buy R2-D2 Wall Mounted Light

R2-D2 Wall Mounted Light

If you love the Star Wars movie series and really love the helpful droid of R2-D2 then this is one wall mounted lamp you will want to check out.

This is a wall light that features the amor design of the droid R2-D2 from the Star Wars movies, find the blue and white armor in detail complete with lens and camera aswell as a big blue sticker that says “R2-D2”.

It is a 3D light so it will stick out a bit from the wall approximately 1 inch, this R2-D2 is 4 inches in height and includes the easy materials to mount on the wall. When sticker and light are up it will be looking amazing and ready to light up your room.

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buy C-3PO Accent Desk Lamp

C-3PO Accent Desk Lamp

Light up your life in your room, office, garage or where ever you may need a little bit more light with one of the greatest droid of all time, C-3PO!

C-3PO is spectacular on this accent desk lamp. It is a golden color like we know and love him. He is in a cartoon form on the one side of the lamp and the other size is the same color of gold, and has ring lines continuing from the front.

This desk lamp measures approximately  5 inches by 12 inches. It has a cord that measures 5 feet and has an inline on and off switch. The power cord is white. The C-3PO desk lamp takes a maximum 25 watt incandescent or 13-watt CFL bulb, depending on what suits your needs. It is also an official licensed product of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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buy Millennium Falcon Lighting Decor Lamp

Millennium Falcon Lighting Decor Lamp

For the Star Wars fan of all ages this is one to add to your collection while also serving a purpose, style and practical the unique Millennium Falcon lamp.

This is a lamp that uses a very detailed array of fine line that make up all of the components of the fighter ship Millennium Falcon from the movie series Star Wars. When it is full lit up it really looks like an original blue print of the Millennium Falcon, what a cool way to complete a Star Wars themed room.

The really awesome Millennium Falcon lamp measures 6 inches wide x 10 inches tall and features 7 fun and bright colors, also included is a USB power cable.

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buy Darth Vader Indoor Wall Decor Light

Darth Vader Indoor Wall Decor Light

Get the Star Wars decor of your dreams for any room of the house, office or door room. This Darth Vader will be your trophy piece.

Darth Vader’s mask is such an important piece of his character, and this wall decor light proves it. It is black with red eye sockets that light up. He also has three phrases that he speaks, in between all that heavy breathing of course. The phrases are;

  • Join me and together we can rule the galaxy.
  • Don’t underestimate the Force
  • Give yourself to the Dark Side

This light is an officially licensed product of Star Wars so you can expect great quality. It measures 8 inches tall and 9 inches wide, so it will make an impression where ever you choose to hang him. He is battery operated and comes with them to start you out.

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buy Lightsabers Lava Lamps

Lightsabers Lava Lamps

Star Wars fans good or evil can enjoy the amazing and fun looking lava lamps.

You can choose from two lava lamp designs, the first one is the good side with a saying on the base of “May The force be with you” this has a blue wax inside and looks just like the Luke Skywalker lightsaber.

The second lava lamp design is the dark side find a lightsaber that looks like Darth Vaders with red wax inside and on the base find the saying “The Dark Side”.

Each Star Wars lava lamp measures 18 inches tall and the base is 4 3/4 inches in diameter.

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