buy Lightsaber Chopsticks

Lightsaber Chopsticks

Now Star Wars fans can eat with special chopsticks all thanks to these Lightsaber Chopsticks.

Now there can be lightsaber light in you food because these chopsticks do not only look like lightsabers they also have lights build in to them.

You can get these Star Wars chopsticks in different set of 1, 2 or 4 sets of chopsticks and they come in 4 colors and they include red, blue, purple, and green just like you have seen in the Star Wars movies.

And if you can’t eat with chopsticks yet then this is a great time to learn and this makes for a great present too as the chopsticks come in a giftbox.

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buy Inflatable Lightsaber Set

Inflatable Lightsaber Set

If you want something fun to do with your friends that all like Star Wars then you should start with getting this inflatable Lightsaber set.

You can get these inflatable Lightsabers in a set from 2 all the way to 30 Lightsabers and they come in 3 colors.

So now you can have a fun Star Wars pool party and you and your friends can do a Lightsaber battle.

Now first uses you blowing power to bring your lightsaber up to be the perfect weapon for a fun battle with friends. And as you can get a lot of these Lightsabers you can really have a giant battle with friends.

And these make for perfect party favors too for a Star Wars party.

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buy Lightsaber Lipstick

Lightsaber Lipstick

If you are a Star Wars fan that need cool makeup then you have to check out this set of Lightsaber lipstick.

The Star Wars lipstick set has 3 different lipsticks and each look like a lightsaber so that you can have amazing lipstick with you and have a lightsaber in your bag.

Each of the lipsticks look like a different lightsaber and the have a different color too.

Now you can be the Star Wars fan that has a Lightsaber with the perfect lip color inside it for almost any mood.

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buy Heath Changing Lightsaber Mug

Heath Changing Lightsaber Mug

If you like hot drinks and Star Wars then check out this heath changing lightsaber mug.

This lightsaber mug comes in a 12 and a 20 oz version.

The mug is white with a black outside and you will find the Star Wars logo and lightsabers and when the mug is cool the lightsabers are in off state and then when you add a hot coffee or other hot drink to the mug the colors of the lightsabers come up just like they are on.

Besides the lightsaber handles it also shows the users of the weapon so that you can see the lightsabers of all your favorite characters.

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buy Lightsaber Spatula

Lightsaber Spatula

Now you can bake you bacon and pancakes in style all thanks to these lightsaber spatula.

The Star Wars spatula has handle that makes it look like a real lightsaber just like the one used by Darth Vader.

And then the cooking party that has a die cut Star Wars logo and that does gives options as you can use it to maybe burn a logo into the pancakes and other wise it just looks pretty cool.

Now you can have Star Wars in your kitchen and you don’t need those boring plain cooking utensils because a Star Wars spatula is just much better and more fun.

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buy Lego Lightsaber Earrings

Lego Lightsaber Earrings

You are a lady who is proud of her love of Star Wars and LEGO, and this is the *quintessentially cool* casual accessory that will allow you to express yourself with charm, and light touch of irony.

These silver plated lightsaber earrings are constructed from LEGO pieces.

“Girls just wanna have fun!” (C.L.) … or kick some galactic butt!! (you).

Too cute for words. Too cool for school. Gift yourself or your bestie! This little gift is sure to make you and your loved ones smile and feel great!

“That lightsaber was Luke’s. And his father’s before him, and now it calls to you.” – Maz Kanata

Choose your favourite lightsaber colour or get a bunch to reflect your mood or match your wardrobe! Wield the power of the force!

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buy The Dark Side Of The Force Lightsaber Tie

The Dark Side Of The Force Lightsaber Tie

Even Darth Vader will approve this tie. Star Wars fans will love it no matter whose side of the Force they are on.

This is a basic black tie, that is transformed into the dark side lightsaber. At the bottom of the neck tie is the handle of the lightsaber, and working up to your neck is the red glow of the saber. Luke Skywalker will not want anything to do with this tie and will wish that he had his own Star Wars tie.

This tie is made from 100% polyester. It is a one size fits all tie that measures approximately 3 1/8 inches wide.

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buy Luke’s Lightsaber Neck Tie

Luke’s Lightsaber Neck Tie

Now you can wear this Luke’s lightsaber neck tie witch of course shows the world that you are a true fan of Star Wars.

This Star Wars neck tie shows the whole lightsaber of Luke Skywalker starting at the top going to the bottom and that makes it really cool to wear with you favorite dress shirt and suit.

No need to be like everyone else with a boring plain tie when you can show that Star Wars is what you are really thinking about.

The Star Wars tie is 3 1/8 inch wide and has a black background so that it easily matches with your outfit.

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buy Do You Feel The Awakening T-Shirt

Do You Feel The Awakening T-Shirt

You may not yet be awoken to enjoy the new Star Wars movie, but now you will with this t-shirt that is sure to turn some heads.

The graphic is found on the front of this t-shirt and includes the words, “There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?” Also featured are the Millennium Falcon and the hands of Kylo Ren with his new lightsaber with a crossguard glowing in red. Awesome.

This fantastic t-shirt comes in sizes ranging from Small to 6XL and comes in many background colors to choose to make it your own. It is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton in an unisex fit for everyone to enjoy. You should really get this today to wake up!

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buy Kids Kylo Ren Light Up Shoes

Kids Kylo Ren Light Up Shoes

If you child is crazy about Star Wars and love to have shoes that light up then you are in luck because now there are Kylo Ren sneakers that have a lightsaber on it that lights up with every step you take.

These kids shoes are black and red and have an image on the outside of Kylo Ren and Stormtroopers. Kylo is also holding up his lightsaber and that one will light up when you walk.

On the inside the shoes say “Kylo Ren” to make them even more Star Wars approved.

You can get these Star Wars boys shoes in sizes 1 M – 13.5 M so that they can really enjoy being part of Star Wars Episode 7.

Get your Kids Kylo Ren Light Up Shoes