buy LEGO TIE Advanced Prototype

LEGO TIE Advanced Prototype

This Star Wars LEGO set is based on the Star Wars Rebels animated series and it is a TIE fighter.

And not just any TIE fighter but the TIE Advanced Prototype.

This LEGO set has 355 pieces and is rated ages 8 – 14 but older is not a problem either.

The Tie Fighter is 5 x 7 x 3 inches in flight mode and a bit smaller in landing mode and of course, a LEGO spaceship comes with crew so that it is manned when flying through space.

This LEGO set is number 75082 and a must have for any Star Wars fan that loves LEGO.

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buy Star Wars Battle Scene Heat Change Mug

Star Wars Battle Scene Heat Change Mug

Are you looking for a game changing mug that all Star Wars fans will want and you will have. Well check out the Star Wars heat change mug.

On this all black mug you will see a very detailed and action packed image of a Star Wars battle scene all around, while at room temperature shows a large ship and many smaller ships, when you add hot liquid laser streaks show up and explosions bright and firy come alive.

The Star Wars mug measures 3 3/4 inches tall x 3 inches in diameter and holds 12 ounces of your favorite liquid like coffee or tea and is an officially licensed Star Wars product.

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buy Star Wars Toilet Targets

Star Wars Toilet Targets

Toilets training or something to aim at that is what boys need and if these boys like Star Wars then you found the solution.

This is a set of 3 toilet decals and each is about 2.5 inch across and as they are 3 you can use them for 3 toilets.

These vinyl Star Wars targets are just the perfect solutions to prevent dripping next to the pot.

Darth Vader, Tie spaceship and a Stormtrooper that is what you will find in this set of 3 toilet targets.

Maybe now the kids (young and old) will do better at the toilet and maybe they will even go a lot more.

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buy LEGO Star Wars Legacy Kids T-Shirt

LEGO Star Wars Legacy Kids T-Shirt

Lego Star Wars Legacy Kids T-Shirt

Let’s combine two favorite things for kids and volia! Put LEGO and Star Wars on the same t-shirt and your kids are going to be so excited to wear this all the time.

LEGO Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are front and centre on this t-shirt, but you will also find the Death Star, Millennium Falcon and TIE Oppressor there too. There is also a small Lego and Star Wars logos on the bottom left of the t-shirt.

The t-shirt comes in black and sizes for 4 years old, 5/6 years old and 7 years old. The t-shirt is made from 100% cotton.

Get your little one into the LEGO Star Wars Legacy Kids T-Shirt.

buy Star Wars Space Battle Leggings

Star Wars Space Battle Leggings

Women's Star Wars Space Battle Leggings

Star Wars fans love their space battles and now female fans can enjoy some amazing leggings that have a Star Wars battle happening on them.

These black Star Wars leggings have besides the Star Wars logo also the Death Star, X-wing starfighter and the TIE Advanced x1 can be found in battle on these women’s leggings.

These Star Wars leggings come in sizes Small – XLarge and just are a piece of art by themselves.

These leggings are just great like this or with a fun dress, shorts or skirt.

Show the world your love of Star Wars by simply wearing these Star Wars Space Battle Leggings.